NEWS FLASH : Annual Convention Set For December 04th 2021 in Kumba.

Registered in 1998 , the MOFAKO BALUE DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION is the main development tool of the Mofako Balue community.

One of the most notable achievements of MBADA is the installation of Piple Borne clean water in the community. This initiative was supported with the technical assistance of the Ministry of Mines

  • August 26.An emergency meeting called by the Mbada President to discuss issues related to a smooth return to school for Primary school kids.
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    Composition of The Executive

    The Mofako Balue Development Association is Headed by a President,freely elected for a 5 year mandate renewable once. The current President was elected on December 12.2020. He is the Chief administrator for all matters concerning MBADA. He is assisted by a team of executive members who work as volunteers. All positions in MBADA are filled by Volunteers.

    MOFAKO BALUE DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION is committed to the development of the community by :
    • Adhering initiating and implimentating projects that directly impact the living standards of community inhabitants.
    • Creating a sustainable economic environment that encourages innovation.
    • Ensuring that every inhabitant has access to basic healthcare and education.

    Ex-Presidents of MBADA..

     -President (1998-2008)
     -President (200-2020)
    -President (2010 - 2020- )


    Projects Aimed At Improving Living Standards

    The focus of the Mofako Balue Development Association is on Health Care and Education at this time. Efforts have been since 2014 to construct a Health Center in the Community. These efforts began with the late Chief of Mofako Balue addressing a letter to the Government through the Regional Delegate of Public Health-South West Region, requesting an Integrated Health Center.However the community launched an initiative to construct a health center while waiting for the response from the State. The President of Mbada at the time Mr.SALOMON NANJE MOKUBE secured a 10.000USD grant in building materials from Addax Petroleum.

    A foundation was raised,and the community has since been soliciting assistance from other parties to complete the project.

    Community volunteers -in photos below- work on the Health Center Foundation.


    MBADA has functioned with the help of Partners who have provided funding and advice in project implimentation.

    We appreciate the efforts of all.


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    Trending Now !!!

    MBADA Secretary General sets the date for the holding of the Annual General Assembly for December 03 and 04.2021.